A Camplete History of the Campervan
For this project in my information design class we had to design a timeline. I wanted to highlight the iconic VW Campervan. I did this by highlighting each important Campervan by VW over a period of 50 years. Bringing the first Campervan’s iconic shape to the forefront of the design, and utilizing a color palette that speaks to the era of the Campervan.
Design Concepting
Information Design Poster
Information Design Class
Northern Kentucky University

On the left side in this extremely rough sketch I was roughing out an idea I had where would use the iconic windows of the bus to section out the different eras of the bus.
On the right side I was sketching out an idea I had where the bus would be driving in this scenic area and the bottom half would mimic the iconic windows of the bus and tell about the different eras of the bus.
More concept sketches.
More concept sketches.
This version was almost my final until I realized the issue I had with it was the lack of contrast. I realized I did not need 5 buses on the title since only three are really iconic. So I cut the busses down to three and then blew that image up so it would draw your eye to the title. 
On the timeline I thickened the bar and color coded it differently so that it was easier to understand. 
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