Artificial Intelligence Annual Report 2018
An annual report redesign for one of the fastest innovating industries in the world today. The annual report details the rise of AI. From popularity, interest, where we are seeing AI, and how AI is performing.
Publication Design
System Identity
Research + Concept
Typography 3 Project
Northern Kentucky University

Process Work:
Deciding on a Concept
In the above sketches on the left side I am jotting down words quickly to inspire the look, tone, and feel of my report. I have my idea that I want this report to be about Artificial Intelligence. However I need a concept and how to bring all the feelings of Ai that I want to convey to life. 
On the right I am sketching early cover Ideas that I will test out on the computer which is seen below.
The cover was going to decide much of the visual identity I could execute throughout the report. I tried a wide rage of designs. Influenced by very advanced tech and a human feel. I ended up going with a more precise cover so I could be very detailed in the rest of my designs.
Interior Spread Sketching
On the left I am beginning to sketch out graphs, I am playing with how I could lay out the information and I am also organizing the information from the copy I had pulled.
On the right I am sketching out some of the interior spreads.
Above is some prints I did of my original spreads. I asked my classmates for feedback and jotted down some of the feedback they gave me and some of the places I could go for inspiration that my professor gave me.
I included a sketch of the cover I ended up choosing on the left side. You can see I am writing questions for myself to think about when designing the cover. My goal during this project was to create a system I could use for the entire report. I am asking myself how I can create something that I could use throughout the report.
On the right side I am quickly sketching how I want my mockups to look. What angles and views I should have for the different spreads.
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