"Television" By: Roald Dahl
"Television" by Roald Dahl reads like an angry speech. The speaker represents the community. The poem is detailed with examples of how Television is ruining the community and its children. Key concepts in this poem are anti-television, destruction, and community outrage.
House of Cards Design
Visual Communication 2
Northern Kentucky University
*Accepted into Student Juried Exhibition

Word-web I created to determine what direction I wanted the poem "Television" to take my House of Cards. On the right you can see early sketches and an early statement describing the concept.
On the left is the poem itself. I printed it out and highlighted phrases I could use in my cards or phrases that I thought could inspire different designs.
On the right is one of the earliest versions of one of the cards I was working on. At first I was making these cards super detailed with lots of elements. As you see in the final version I simplified and focus on a couple assets per card, making the details more subtle and intricate. I also changed my typeface to a more well-crafted typeface which I could then manipulate however I wanted for each card.
On the left is an early test print where I wanted to compare the usage of color and see the designs together. 
On the right is the feedback I got and questions I was asking myself.
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