While working with a local agency I had the privilege to work on the Nutrigrain brand. When I started some of the strategy was mostly complete. There were 3 different strategies we were designing to. They evolved through brainstorming processes and eventually I ended up designing for the "Fruit Forward" approach. Rebranding Nutrigrain as the tasty, made with real fruit snack for kids and for adults on the go.
Packaging Design
Concept 1
Bringing fruit to the forefront of the brand. Radiating fruit power.
Concept 1.5
After seeing my concept, the team and I did brainstorming and came up with a Option-B version where we brought in the colors of the bar into the radiating pattern. Signifying the bar holding the flavor being burst out.
Concept 3
When we were brainstorming and the word burst came up I ad an Idea to make a concept where the fruit flavor was bursting out of the bar itself. This option was also closer to the original Nutrigrain brand at the time so I felt since my last concept was so far out of the box for them that I would do a safer option they might of felt more comfortable with.
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